The lovely people that are always running around.

The Cast of Bloomers

Francesca is a smart bilingual beauty from Brazil and the head designer at a hip underwear (or bloomers) company, Moxie. Relative to her friends, she has always had her life together until she is unexpectedly knocked-up by a man whose identity is a mystery – Baby Daddy She Wrote.
Francesca confides in her two best friends from childhood, Brooke
and Ross.

Brooke, who suffers from chronic unemployment, is offered a job by an older woman on the condition that he sleeps with her. Though he’s gay and tired of compromising himself, Brooke gives in, tired of being a loser.

Brooke’s heterosexual husband, Ross, on the surface, appears to have a lot going for him and has a comfortable job as an accountant at Moxie. The only problem is that he keeps falling in love with impossible women, like his strict Muslim co-worker, Joanna.

Joanna, who doesn’t drink alcohol and wears a hijab also, has a surprisingly geeky and athletic side to her.

Another employee at Moxie is Karen, the underwear fit model whose mouth is only slightly more inappropriate than her outfits. She has finally found a group of friends who accept her for everything she is and isn’t, but things shake up when her estranged sister, Clarissa, shows up in Los Angeles.

Clarissa, innocently but harshly judgmental, has her first reintroduction to Karen when she walks in on her having sex with Vaughan, a smoldering British man-whore..

Together these friends will fall in and out of love with each other, their city, and themselves.